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New Album Released March 2009

Purchase Solitorio and On the River Road here and on ITunes!!


Wanted to drop a line to all fans of Joe Kuban and the Lost Chizo Band, to let everyone know that after a number of unfortunate delays, our newest release Solitario is now availible both on this site and on ITunes. Check it out and if you're lucky you might hear some of it on KNON in the next few weeks

As you may already know, Joe Kuban, the songwriter responsible for all of this is sufffering from ALS. Still he sends his love out to all of you . We'll keep you posted

Joe Kuban and the Chizo Band's West Texas Tour, is planned for June 30th through July 2nd, 2006.  As you all know, the Big Bend area is the central theme of the Band's CD, On the River Road, so it will be a meaningful trip for all of us.  Here's the schedule:

Friday night, June 30,  2006  - Playing at Panther Junction in  Big Bend National Park for employees of the park.

Saturday night, July 1, 2006 - Playing in the covered Courtyard of the Marathon Motel, in Marathon, Texas, for a benefit for the Big Bend Natural History Association.

Sunday - off

Monday night, July 3, 2006.  The Starlight Theatre, Terlingua Ghost  Town, Texas.  Playing from 7PM to 10PM.

If anyone wants to make a West Texas getaway, they  would certainly be
welcome to attend any of these shows.  We are going to be staying in  
Terlingua, so we'll be in the area hanging around and maybe doing some hiking as  time permits.

Thanks, we look forward to see you.


Frank K.

We are glad you came to visit, please look around, we invite you to listen to the band and see what there is to see. Enjoy yourself.

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